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We are a group of young professionals committed to creating digital solutions for the betterment of society. We are guided by ethical, technological and scientific north-stars, with the goal of promoting innovation in the fields of social economy and financial technology.

We create a more equitable and transparent society when we create a more efficient and transparent Nuda property market.

We are on a mission to make Nuda solutions popular for the benefit of the widest range of people possible.
What is Nuda Property?
Real estate ownership titles have two separate and legally recognized components: Usufruct and Nuda property.  

Usufruct provides the legal rights to live and enjoy rents from the property, whereas Nuda property covers all other ownership rights. Each of those two titles can be sold and purchased separately.  

A very common example of usufructs are rentals: When someone rents an apartment, they are temporarily acquiring the right of usufruct, while Nuda propiedad stays with the land-lord. In our case, the Usufruct stays with the elder, and the title of the home moves fully to the buyer.

Nuda propiedad is sometimes translated as "bear property" or "nude property". It is everything but the usufruct.
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What happens if I default on my payments?

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