About us


We are driven by the desire to create a better society for all.

Our goal is to connect elders with buyers, in the fairest most transparent way possible. Our highest accomplishment would be to participate in the provision of a sound and robust complement to the current pension system at scale.

We aim to provide the highest price possible to elders, and the safest fairest return possible to buyers.


We are a group of people committed with the creation of digital solutions that advance the progress of society. We believe in the power of technology and science to empower all.

We want to promote innovation in the fields of social economy, and social financial technology.

Our views on fairness

We are committed to providing a safe and just environment for Nuda transactions, and our ultimate goal is for all parties to win in the transaction. Our sense of fairness is that which achieves a circular economy that is sustainable in the long run, and beneficial to all parties simultaneously.

Through the use of data science and actuarial econometric analysis, we compare Nuda transactions to equivalent buy and let investments. With these techniques, we can see how prices compare relative to equivalent real estate rental benchmarks, and can help participants understand the value they are offering and getting.

The pricing in the listings currently on the site is on average approximately 2 times higher than reverse mortgages in the market today. On average, the prices represent to the buyer a return comparable to real estate with a net constant yield of 3%, over and above real estate appreciation.

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We are obsessed with creating a virtuous circle of benefit between members of society, using data centric digital solutions.

We are working on an exciting roadmap, which includes ground-breaking solutions aimed at helping elders achieve an ever higher, ever fairer price for their home.

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